Outdoor Slip And Fall Injury

When most people think of a typical slip and fall accident, they usually think of a slip and fall accident inside a store or building. Although these are the most common types, slip and fall accidents can also happen outside. Slip and fall accidents occur outside for different reasons and they can be more difficult to prove. If you have been injured, contact one of our Middletown, RI slip and fall lawyers.

How Can Someone Slip and Fall Outside?

Outdoor Slip and fall

Indoors, a person might slip and fall from a liquid being left on the floor. This can also happen outside and there could be other factors involved. For example, pavement can be uneven or cracked and cause someone to fall. There could also be dangerous conditions outside such as snow and ice. In the winter, water can freeze on walkways or snow may not be cleared away by the property owner.

In Rhode Island, a landowner has a duty to clear their property of snow after a reasonable amount of time has passed from when the snowstorm ended. Other dangerous outdoor conditions may involve building design. For example, a parking lot may have improperly placed parking blocks that someone trips and falls over.

How Can Outdoor Slip and Fall Injuries Be More Difficult?

woman with injury from a slip and fallOne of the biggest challenges in a slip and fall injury case is establishing fault. A slip and fall that occurs outside, when compared to one that happens inside, can sometimes be challenging for a lack of information and evidence. For instance, if the accident occurs inside a store, the accident might be recorded on a security camera. In addition, it would be easier to identify the store or building owner. But, when a slip and fall occurs outside, the property owner may not be immediately apparent. Also, there might not be a camera or witnesses available, as there might be in a store. However, an experienced Middletown slip and fall lawyer could still obtain the necessary information to establish a claim for slip and fall injuries.

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