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A Pawtucket, RI woman, obtained a $230,000 settlement from MEMIC Indemnity Company for a workers’ compensation claim. While at work, a heavy piece of machinery, weighing over 100 lbs., fell on her. This incident left her with injuries to her back and legs, which required medical attention. d’Oliveira & Associates remained jointly responsible with a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney, who settled this case with the insurance company.   

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira said, “It is rare that you see a settlement this big for a workers’ compensation claim. The attorney who handled this case did a great job for this client.”

Workers’ compensation is an employee program that is supposed to provide benefits to those who are injured at work, regardless if the employer was at fault or not. Workers’ compensation benefits covers things like lost wages, medical costs and, in some instances, one can collect a lump sum settlement.  Other benefits might include money for permanent scarring and job re-training.

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