Following in Providence’s footsteps, Pawtucket is now implementing two new types of traffic safety cameras: speed and red light cameras. The speed cameras are capable of detecting the speed of vehicles, while the red light cameras are designed to recognize cars that run a red light. With new technology, comes new ways for law enforcement to enforce the laws of the road, especially in school zones.

New Pawtucket speed camera

What is the Purpose of Speed Cameras?

The speed and red light cameras are mainly going to be placed in front of four different school zones across the city, as well as five other intersections. The main purpose of the cameras is to help reduce speeding in school zones, especially where children are crossing the street.

school buses in school zone

The speed cameras installed in school zones will only be operative when school is in session. The use of speed cameras is controversial, but in the past year Providence issued over 63,000 speeding tickets with a collective profit of $3.2 million after the implementation of speed cameras.

How Do These New Speed Cameras Affect You?

The new cameras are slowly being installed across Pawtucket. There is no set date yet in which the cameras will go into effect but when they do, all drivers will have a 30 day warning period before fines may be enforced. If you are caught speeding by the camera, the fine is a $50 ticket, while if you run a red light, the fine is a $95 ticket. There will be warning signs on the cameras so drivers are aware their vehicle behavior is being monitored and is subject to law enforcement.

Distracted driver on cell phone

Unfortunately, this will not solve all problems of pedestrians being hit because distracted drivers may not even notice the cameras and continue to speed. If this happens to you or a loved one, please call an experienced Pawtucket RI pedestrian accident lawyer today so we can get you the compensation you deserve.

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