Pawtucket Woman Gets $150,000 Car Accident Settlement

Attorney D. Robin Gouveia, from d’Oliveira & Associates, recently got a Pawtucket woman $150,000 settlement from the Harleysville Insurance Company, despite there being only $535 worth of damage to her vehicle from a rear end collision in Providence, RI. The vehicle she was in was rear ended by another driver and she suffered serious neck and back injuries. She hired the Pawtucket car accident lawyers at d’Oliveira & Associates to represent her.

Pawtucket woman with neck and back injuries from car accidentAttorney Gouveia stated that “despite minimal property damage to the vehicle the client was operating, we were able to obtain a very fair settlement. The argument made to achieve this was using the mechanism of injury argument. Specifically, we argued the client was sitting in a seat which was “bouncy”. At impact, she was turned slightly to the right and the position of her body, while being tossed and jerked at impact, was the cause of a wrenching in her back. The injury ultimately required her to undergo surgery. We worked on getting the medical providers to accept less regarding her medical bills, once the final offer was made, to put together a nice settlement package for the woman.”

If you are injured in a car accident it is crucial that you contact an experienced Pawtucket car accident lawyer to help you with your claim, like our client did in this case. This will help ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

Car Accident Lawyer meeting Pawtucket woman about her lawsuitIf you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Pawtucket or anywhere in RI and MA, you may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, among other losses. d’Oliveira and Associates is an experienced Massachusetts and Rhode Island personal injury law firm that primarily handles car accident cases. The lawyers at this firm have many years of experience handling car accidents and we work with insurance companies to obtain good settlements for our injured clients.

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