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Attorney Laura S. Cameron, of d’Oliveira & Associates, recently obtained a $160,000 settlement from Travelers Insurance Company for a client who was injured in a car accident. The client was the driver of a vehicle stopped in traffic and was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle. As a result, the client sustained major injuries to his lower back and extremities that required hospitalization, followed by physical therapy. During this time, the client could not work and was incurring high medical bills. He contacted the South Kingstown, RI car accident lawyers for help. Attorney Cameron was able to obtain an out-of-court settlement from Travelers, the liability insurer.

Attorney Cameron said, “The case went to court and was settled in mediation after a lengthy litigation process. This allowed us to obtain a significantly higher settlement amount and an excellent result for our client.”

Mediation is an out of court process where an independent neutral person, the mediator, facilitates negotiation between the parties. The court process is put on pause while this taking place and mediation ends if the parties cannot come to an agreement or if a settlement is reached. Mediation can be beneficial for both sides because the process encourages them to come to an agreement and can lower court costs.

South Kingstown Car Accident Lawyer meeting injured clientsIf you or someone you know was injured in a car accident, contact one of our experienced South Kingstown car accident lawyers located at 117 Main Street, Wakefield, South Kingstown, RI 02879. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, among other losses. No fees are received unless you win an award or settlement. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, call us today at 401-490-4332 or toll free at 1-800-992-6878. You may also fill out a contact form online.

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Attorney Paul d’Oliveira has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 30 years. He started his personal injury law practice in 1989 with two offices in Fall River, MA and East Providence, RI. Today his firm has 16 offices in RI and Southeastern, MA.

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