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The d’Oliveira & Associates injury and disability law firm recently obtained a $200,000 settlement for a man (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) following his slip and fall accident that occurred when he slipped and fell on ice at a property. The driveway of the home he was visiting had not been sanded, salted, or otherwise taken care of in order to make it safe in light of the inclement weather conditions. The man sustained a broken ankle and underwent three surgeries to attempt to correct the injury.

Over his course of treatment, the man accrued a substantial amount of damages due to medical bills and other associated costs. The man hired local slip and fall lawyer, Attorney Laura Cameron, to help negotiate with the opposing party’s insurance company, and eventually obtain a sizable settlement with the homeowners insurance company. Attorney Cameron stated: “I am pleased that I was able to help this client settle his case in such a timely fashion.”

Harsh weather rhode island winter

Harsh winter weathers in Rhode Island and elsewhere can often contribute to slick, hazardous walking surfaces that are dangerous to foot traffic (i). Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries including, but certainly not limited to, bone and joint fractures. For those who have been injured on negligently maintained premises, the owner of the property may be at fault. Homeowners and certain other individuals have a duty to maintain a safe environment for all those who are considered invitees of their respective property.

If you or a loved one has sustained serious injury in a slip and fall accident, an experienced injury lawyer may be able to help you determine what next steps to take.

Slip and Fall Injury lawyer working on a settlement for slip and fall injuryThe d’Oliveira & Associates injury and disability firm has 15 locations across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts and their attorneys have a wealth of experience handling injury and disability cases that may arise from slip and falls or other accidents.

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  • (i) Appalachian State University Occupational Safety and Health Department.
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