Courtroom of a Construction Site Accident Lawsuit

Attorney D. Robin Gouveia from d’Oliveira & Associates, along with a co-counsel trial attorney, recently negotiated a $450,000 settlement for a New Bedford, MA man who was injured on a construction site. While working on scaffolding, unsecured planks collapsed and the worker fell causing him to sustain multiple painful physical injuries.

Attorney Gouveia stated,

due to the complexity of this work related construction site incident, we worked jointly with co-counsel to ensure the best and most efficient result for this client. Liability was heavily contested and shortly prior to trial, after an intensive, extended mediation session, a settlement was reached. Thereafter, we worked on the worker’s compensation insurer to convince them to maximize a settlement package most beneficial to our client.”

Construction Site Accident

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira stated,

often we will bring in co-counsel from another law firm, who has more experience in certain types of personal injury cases, such as construction accident cases like this one, as we want to get top dollar for every client. If it means we have to split the fee and make less money, then we are willing to do that as the client always comes first.”

construction site accident lawyerIf you or a loved one have recently had a construction site accident or slip and fall type accident, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important that you contact an experienced New Bedford, MA slip and fall lawyer to help you get the settlement or award that you deserve. Our firm is experienced in handling both construction site and slip and fall accident cases. We offer a free (no obligation) case evaluation if you call toll free at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a free online contact form.

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Paul d’Oliveira

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 30 years. He started his personal injury law practice in 1989 with two offices in Fall River, MA and East Providence, RI. Today his firm has 16 offices in RI and Southeastern, MA.

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