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Attorneys for a man who nearly died after using AndroGel are saying that AbbVie Inc. made up a condition called “Low T” to get men without hypogonadism to use its testosterone replacement therapy without informing them that using the hormone treatment could put them at risk of heart attacks. According to a report in Law360, this plaintiff, along with thousands of others, accuse AbbVie of promoting Androgel despite warnings from the FDA that it could result in dangerous, even fatal, side effects. Many men have experienced negative side effects as a result of taking testosterone medication. With 4,200 cases pending against AbbVie, AndroGel lawsuits will be on the rise.

How Was AndroGel Advertised?

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The plaintiff in this case had a heart attack in 2010, which was linked to AndroGel, which was prescribed to the man by his doctor 65 days before the heart attack. Attorneys say AbbVie and its predecessors began “aggressively marketing” the drug to doctors and consumers as soon as the company won FDA approval to sell the medication to treat a condition known as hypogonadism in 2000.

AbbVie’s rigorous marketing effects included television and print ads selling the idea that the gel could also be used to treat typical signs of aging such as low energy, low sex drive and moodiness. They also allege that doctors were convinced by drug company employees to think of Androgel as the “fountain of youth.” Of course, it turned out to be a billion-dollar market.

Why and How Did Drug Companies Fabricate “Low T”?

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Hypogonadism is a real problem that affects around 150,000 men in the United States. Historically, testosterone replacement therapy had been an industry that earned about $65 million a year. However, after Androgel came to the market amid much fanfare, people began topical application as opposed to traditional injections, and testosterone replacement therapy emerged as a $1.3 billion industry in just over 10 years. Much of that has to do with off-label marketing of the product for a condition called “low T” or low testosterone, a condition made up by drug companies to describe what are simply the common signs of aging.

Drug company ads began encouraging men who experienced common symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings and lower sex drive to “talk to their doctors” about getting testosterone therapy, which they didn’t really need. AbbVie certainly took no steps to warn its target audience about the high risk of heart attacks in spite of knowing that it was a common side effect and even ignored other studies published prior to 2013, which showed a potential link between Androgel and heart attacks. Recent studies have also shown that there is no real benefit to using these so-called “low T drugs” and that many men tend to overuse or abuse these drugs as well.

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