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Earlier this year, the US District Court consolidated the multidistrict lawsuits for the Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Implants in the US District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. (MDL 2931, In Re: Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Implant Products Liability Litigation). This lawsuit would qualify anyone that had received a Biomet M2a Magnum hip implant and had been at risk of serious and permanent injuries, particularly metallosis.

Metallosis is caused by the accumulation of metallic fragments, particularly cobalt and chromium, contained in the Biomet metal-on-metal hip implants. These fragments are released into the hip implant recipient’s body through normal wear and tear of the Biomet hip implants. These fragments could cause severe pain and inflammation and early revision surgery. Metallosis can lead to bone, tissue and organ damage, painful fluid build-ups, and loosening of the device, dislocation, or squeaking and popping noises.

biomet hip deviceBiomet’s defective hip implant products have led to multiple lawsuits beginning with its ceramic ball and socket hip implant, which was approved by the FDA in 2001. Then later, the metal-on-metal hip implants approved by the FDA in 2004, led to even more severe side effects and lawsuits. This device was causing high fracture rates within 13 to 27 months after implementation, requiring a higher rate of revision surgeries than other hip implant devices, while most hip implants are supposed to last 15 years or more before requiring revision implants.

Most recently, a lawsuit has been filed on February 6, 2013 against Biomet, Inc. and Biomet Orthopedics, LLC. The lawsuit alleges the same type of injuries that patients have been suffering since Biomet came into the market – pain and loosening in her right hip, ultimately forcing her to undergo additional revision surgery way too soon. The lawsuit also alleges that Biomet was aware of over 100 such reports but have failed to do anything to fix it or warn patients about it.

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira stated that “we are seeing far too many people who need revision surgeries to have this device removed and it makes me very sad that they have to undergo all the pain and suffering that comes from these revision surgeries. The manufacturer should have properly tested this device before they mass marketed it. The reason is because it is too tempting to forego the proper testing process and start making lots of money. Now it will cost them a lot more money to pay for these lawsuits. Maybe now they will learn the hard way.”

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