California Court Rules that Roundup Ingredients are Cancerous

A recent appeals court decision in California is being called a victory for science and safety after the court held that California can continue to list glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, as potentially cancer causing. The chemical is widely used in California in the farming industry, on golf courses, and on private lawns. Pursuant to new findings issued by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), California state health officials added glyphosate to their list of potential carcinogens to comply with a California law that requires warnings on products that pose a risk of cancer or reproductive harm. Companies supporting Monsanto Roundup were ultimately unsuccessful in challenging this decision. Woman with cancer from RoundupThe listing warns people that exposure to the chemicals in roundup can lead to cancer. In the wake of this news, many Monsanto Roundup lawsuits have been filed alleging the chemical caused cancer.

What is the Link between Monsanto Roundup and Cancer?

Monsanto Roundup used on crops

Monsanto Roundup is an herbicide commonly used in farming and agriculture to kill weeds. The chemical has become increasingly popular due to Monsanto’s release of genetically modified seeds that are “Roundup ready.” The seeds are resistant to the chemicals in Roundup allowing weeds to be effectively killed while crops flourish. The system has greatly increased crop production in the U.S. and made Monsanto Roundup executives very wealthy.

Monsanto Roundup userRecently, a scientist from California testified that the main ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, can be linked to the development of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This opinion was based in large part on a study funded by the U.S. government to assess the health effects of exposure to pesticides used in farming. The Agricultural Health Study, published in November 2017, surveyed over 54,000 people, asking about their exposure to glyphosate and other chemicals between 1993 and 2005. After reviewing this study and several other case studies, the scientist testified that “to reasonable degree of scientific certainty, glyphosate-containing products do cause Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.”

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