After developing specialized, cutting edge exoskeleton technology to help injured and wheelchair-bound individuals walk again, Ekso Bionics has turned its attention to the changing needs and many challenges of the construction industry. With so many dangers faced by industrial workers in our ever growing industrial market, it is easy to see the many applications exoskeleton technology could have in improving working conditions and promoting safety for construction workers. Although this technology is admittedly an expensive investment, the long term effect could be to reduce workers’ compensation claims due to injuries on the job.

How Does an Exoskeletal Work?

Man testing the Ekso Bionics’ ExoskeletonMan testing the Ekso Bionics’ Exoskeleton | Photo Source:

An exoskeleton is essentially a flexible metal frame attached to a harness that is worn on the outside of an individual’s clothing. The harness is worn around the chest area, in a similar fashion as a lifejacket would be worn, and metal rods line the hip area and extend down to the knees and feet. The system is designed to support the body’s natural alignment and to bear additional weight and provide stability and balance. This ultimately allows the person wearing the suit to carry heavy items with less physical stress on their joints and muscle, ultimately decreasing the chance of injury. The added stability provided by the exoskeletal could also reduce falls in high risk construction zones.

When Will Exoskeletons be Available on the Market?

The Ekso Bionics’ ExoskeletonThe Ekso Bionics’ Exoskeleton | Photo Source:

Ekso Bionics is planning to release their newly developed technology in 2016 and estimates each suit will cost approximately $10,000. Even though costly, Ekso predicts that the suits will become common place as the construction industry continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate. It is estimated that by 2025 the industrial market will expand by 70% creating many new jobs in the field and requiring higher levels of safety standards. With this in mind, it appears that Ekso is paving the way for technology that will ultimately reduce the number of industrial accidents and protect workers.

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