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This week d’Oliveira & Associates released a DePuy infographic detailing the high failure rate of the manufacturer’s ASR and Pinnacle hip replacement systems. Specifically, these devices were designed and manufactured using the metal-on-metal method, which has been linked to side effects like device loosening, hip fracture, and device dislocation. This information is important for the 93,000 patients who were implanted with the ASR device and the thousands that were implanted with the Pinnacle device.

DePuy Orthopaedics and Johnson & Johnson manufacture these defective hip replacement systems, and at a recent trial a number of damaging internal documents were presented. One internal document revealed that the ASR device failed an internal test in 2007 but the company continued to market the product. Furthermore, executives at DePuy and Johnson & Johnson rejected a plan to redesign the ASR hip device. Another document exposed the fact that the company estimated when the ASR device should stop being marketed based on the amount of time it would take to convert surgeons to another DePuy product. In making this decision, company executives prioritized financial profit over patient safety.

New York Times article on trial:

Stryker Hip Replacement Side Effects Infographic
View the Full Depuy Hip Infographic Here

The DePuy infographic shows that as early as 2007 the Australian Orthopaedic’s National Joint Replacement Registry found that DePuy ASR failed at a rate double the industry standard. In fact, 13 percent of DePuy ASR devices fail within the first five years of implantation compared to the industry standard of 3 percent. Additionally, in 2010 the company issued a worldwide recall of its DePuy ASR device. This device has led to more than 10,000 lawsuits being filed against the company from patients who were implanted with the device (view the New York Times article).

Have You Suffered A DePuy Hip Replacement Injury?

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