Instagram Logo to represent the Kardashian Post taken down by the FDAOn August 7, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered Kim Kardashian to take down an Instagram post she made in July. The post was an advertisement for the manufacturer of a drug that is designed to help morning sickness, but the post didn’t provide any warning about the potentially dangerous risks involved in taking the drug.

Why Does The FDA Care About Instagram Posts?

The FDA requires drug advertisements to list known risks involved with using those drugs. That is why commercials for prescription drugs always end with a long list of side effects. Kim got in trouble because she is a paid spokesperson for that product, so the Instagram post was technically an advertisement from the manufacturer. Even in an advertisement on social media, there still has to be a mention of these risks.

Celebrities and Social Media

woman on laptop looking at Kardashian PostPublic personalities should be careful about how they post content to their social media pages because many people trust celebrities such as Kim, who often dishes out helpful lifestyle tips. But, this incident goes to show that you should not trust everything a celebrity tells you, especially when it involves your own health. You should take the time to consider potential risks involved and do your own research before you take a prescription drug.

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