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Massachusetts requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. This is an insurance program that covers certain expenses like weekly lost wages, medical and prescription bills, and other benefits. In order to qualify for benefits employees must have suffered a work-related injury. Employees should file the proper paperwork as soon as possible and keep copies. According to the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents, 50% of all claims are disputed by the employer or insurance company (i). People whose benefits have been disputed or denied should talk to an workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced lawyer may be able to successfully appeal the denial and the employee does not pay attorneys’ fees because the law requires the insurer to pay these fees. Additionally, if a claim is not successful no attorneys’ fees will be charged if the lawyer uses a contingency fee.

Massachusetts Workers' CompensationWorkers’ compensation provides coverage for employees because on the job injuries can occur in any environment. In addition to this insurance program, employers also have to take employee complaints about safety and health seriously. A recent settlement between the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and True North Hotel Group has reaffirmed that “every employee has the right to raise workplace safety and health concerns without fear of retaliation or termination.” According to a recent press release from OSHA, this settlement was reached after True North Hotel Group fired a Massachusetts employee who raised such concerns. The employee then filed a whistleblower claim with OSHA and it determined that the complaint had merit. The company agreed to pay $22,225 to settle the claim and it also agreed to provide whistleblower training at its nationwide locations. This training includes posting factsheets, providing new hires with materials on the subject, and training employees who are in managerial and supervisory roles (ii).

The Massachusetts workers’ compensation infographic provides steps to take after an injury in order to improve the chances of obtaining benefits. d’Oliveira & Associates has helped injured and disabled people in Southern New England for more than two decades. The law firm works with some of the more experienced MA workers’ compensation lawyers, who use a contingency fee. This means that there are no fees unless they are successful and if they are successful then the insurer pays these fees. To contact the firm call 1-800-992-6878 or submit a contact form online.


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