Cat that had mouse with Bubonic Plague

An Oregon man’s cat, Charlie, arrived home one day choking on a mouse. When he tried to assist the cat, he was bitten instead. Little did he know the mouse in the cat’s mouth was infected with the bubonic plague. Not even a day later, he was being rushed to the hospital. The doctor declared he had all three types of plague and no one has ever survived that. After 27 days in a coma, he was the first person to survive with only the loss of some toes and fingers. An incredible story brings us to the importance of understanding how devastating some injuries may be when bit by an animal.

What is the Plague?

Plague DoctorThe plague is one of the world’s most infamously deadly diseases. Most people like to think of it as an ancient tragedy but the plague is still prevalent today. The plague manifests itself in fleas that attach onto mostly rodents, such as rats and mice. When the rodents die, the fleas look for a new source of food, like a domestic pet or even a human.

There are three main types of plague: bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic. The most common form is bubonic plague because it is the main type caused by the infected flea bite. flea that carries the bubonic plague Meanwhile, septicemic plague is when the bacteria multiplies in the bloodstream and the pneumonic plague is when the bacteria infects the lungs. Bubonic plague is the least deadly form but if not treated then it can spread and form into the other two plagues which is almost certain to result in death.

Why are Animal Bites so Dangerous?

Child hugging her dog

We all love our domestic pets but it is surprising to know that they can be hosts for fleas that carry seriously deadly viruses like the plague. Cat and dog bites can be incredibly dangerous because of the bacteria that may be hiding in their mouths, especially if the animal likes to wander and hunt other animals.

Dog bites a man's armBesides the obvious injuries of bruising and scarring from an animal bite, it is important to get the bite checked by a medical professional immediately to prevent infection and to check for any hidden diseases. If you or a loved one have recently been bit by a dog, please call an experienced Newport RI dog bite lawyer today for a free consultation of your potential claim.

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