Metal on Metal Hip Implant

The European Parliament recently issued its EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which is expected to have extensive implications for medtech companies, including hip implant manufacturers. According to an online article in PMLiVE, the MDR that has been published after four years of effort will bring about broad changes to the medical device industry and require manufacturers to upgrade their operations. Based on the report, the new regulations, largely the outcome of safety concerns with defective metal-on-metal hip implants and other devices may go into effect within the next few months. It is unexpected that these new regulations would have any effect on the metal on metal hip implant lawsuits in America.

What Are Some Dangerous Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Symptoms?

Metal-on-Metal Hip ImplantIn a 2013 safety alert, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that patients who have received metal-on-metal hip implants may experience damage to bone and/or soft tissue surrounding the implant and joint. The injury to the soft tissue may cause device failure, the implant to come loose, and the need for revision surgery. The movement or rubbing of the metal ball and the metal cup in a metal-on-metal hip implant may release microscopic metal particles that enter the patient’s blood stream. The metal continues to be discharged by activity such as walking and running and may end up being carried to other body parts and organs.

Why Are These Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Lawsuits So Important?

Many manufacturers of hip implants have issued recalls over the years. However, most recalls are not done quickly enough and as a result patients have suffered numerous side effects and injuries. A Consumers Union summary report released September 2013 on recalls issued for hip implants found that six manufacturers – DePuy Orthopedics, Wright Medical Technology Inc., Biomet Inc., Smith & Nephew, Zimmer Holdings, and Stryker Orthopedics ¬– had collective recalled 578 hip implants or implant components over the period November 2002 to July 2013.

Metal on Metal Hip Implant Lawsuits

The safety of their consumers should be the paramount consideration for medtech companies and orthopedic device manufacturers. Such medical device manufacturers bear a responsibility to ensure that their products are carefully designed, produced and tested before being made available to the consumer. If there is an issue, side effect or risk associated with using the product then these companies are legally required to disclose the full nature of the potential problems. This allows a patient who may be evaluating such a medical device with his or her healthcare provider to make a better informed decision regarding its risks and benefits.

Contact a Metal on Metal Hip Implant Lawyer

Metal Hip Implant LawyerThe main reason is because we are working with some of the more experienced metal on metal hip lawyers around the country, who are filing metal on metal lawsuits for victims. We feel these companies were negligent in not properly testing their product and for also misleading many people into thinking these metal on metal hip implants would not only last longer, but also were just as safe as the conventional non-metal on metal hip implants. Feel free to call us at 1-800-992-6878 or contact form online for a free and no obligation case evaluation. We are happy to help you get the compensation you deserve.


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