This week the offices of d’Oliveira & Associates released a Mirena IUD infographic detailing the deceptive marketing campaign used by Bayer to promote its product, Mirena IUD. This infographic furthers the law firm’s goal to raise awareness about the risk of serious Mirena IUD side effects to the more than 2 million women in the United States who use the device.

A Mirena IUD Birth Control Device that is at the center of so many Mirena IUD Lawsuits

Mirena IUD was approved for sale on the market in 2000. After its approval, Bayer deceptively marketed the product through its “Mirena Simple Style” campaign. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to the company because it overstated Mirena’s benefits, made unsubstantiated claims, failed to include information about side effects, and lied about routine uses. The most deceptive marketing strategy used by Bayer was its Mirena Parties. These events provided free food and entertainment for “busy moms.” During these Mirena Parties, representatives emphasized that the device would simplify the lives of these “busy moms” while increasing the romance and intimacy of couples. The FDA found that this claim was contradicted by reports that at least 5 percent of women using Mirena IUD experienced decreased libido. The representatives also stated that these “busy moms” would “look and feel great” using the device. However, side effects of Mirena IUD include weight gain, breast pain, acne, and irregular bleeding. The FDA also highlighted many other important details that Bayer excluded or misrepresented at its Mirena Parties.

Source: FDA report on Mirena Simple Style campaign

The infographic illustrates the insertion of the Mirena IUD device and details side effects linked to its use. Additionally, the infographic compares the false claims made by Bayer with the contradicting truth. A timeline shows the period over which the FDA discovered Bayer’s deceptive marketing and received more than 45,000 reports of adverse side effects. Among these reports were 16,244 cases of device expulsion, 4,333 cases of device dislocation, and 3,922 cases of irregular and excessive vaginal bleeding. The infographic also lists that Mirena IUD has caused 2,500 hospitalizations, 426 disabilities, and 51 deaths.

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