As a personal injury law firm, we want to warn our community about potentially harmful products. Another product, this one a nail polish made by the independent brand Mentality, is being voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer after customers reported that their nails were separating from their fingertips due to a fungal infection. The polishes apparently contained a bad batch of ingredients that form the base of many of their products, which was provided by another company called Arminex. Mentality is currently offering to refund all purchases of Arminex based products.

defective product Mentality Nail Polish may cause infections

FDA Approval For Nail Polish

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that nail polishes be free of dangerous products only if the products are dangerous when used as intended. Many products in nail polishes are dangerous if they are accidentally ingested and their labels must include a description of the ingredients. FDA does not need to pre-approve nail polishes before they are sold, but they can investigate and potentially punish companies for putting a dangerous product on the market.

You can read more about the recall here.

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