Risperdal drug used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia but has been used off-label and causing abnormal breast growthRisperdal is an antipsychotic medication used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in adults and teenagers. It is also used to treat symptoms of irritability in autistic children. The medication has a particular unwanted side effect called gynecomastia which is breast tissue growth in boys or men caused by a hormone imbalance. Currently, hundreds of young men and their families have filed Risperdal lawsuits as a result of experiencing breast tissue growth after taking the medication.

What Are Happening With Risperdal Lawsuits?

Risperdal LawsuitSome of these lawsuits are being won at trial. For example, the first Risperdal case went to trial in February 2015 and was determined by a jury when a 20 year old man suffered breast growth from allegedly using Risperdal when he was 8 years old to treat his autism. The jury awarded the man $2.5 million in damages. Other cases are reaching a settlement with the manufacturer. This means that the case does not go through a trial and is not determined by a jury. Instead, the parties meet and negotiate on a monetary amount for damages. There have been a few Risperdal settlement agreements reached and their amounts are not disclosed.

How Are Risperdal Award or Settlement Amounts Determined?

court house that will handle a Risperdal LawsuitWhether the case goes to trial or is settled out of court, there are a number of factors that are considered in order to determine how much compensation should be received. These factors are case specific and additional factors could be considered in determining the amount. A few considerations are:

  • The degree and duration of the injury.
  • The effect that the Risperdal breast growth had on the individual’s mental and physical health.
  • Pain and suffering experienced as a result of taking Risperdal.
  • Medical expenses such as costs for corrective surgeries and other treatment.
  • Lost wages.

Contact A Risperdal Lawyer

clients meeting drug lawyer to file a Risperdal LawsuitIf you or someone you know has suffered side effects after taking Risperdal, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, among other losses. Our firm is working with experienced Risperdal lawyers, who are investigating these cases. They may be able to file a Risperdal lawsuit for you and they charge no fee unless you win an award or settlement. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, call us toll free at 1-800-992-6878 or fill out a contact form online.

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