Transvaginal Mesh Verdict

A landmark jury award has opened the way for more women to seek damages for injuries caused by poorly-tested transvaginal mesh, according to d’Oliveira & Associates, a law firm working with other attorneys for defective medical device cases. While they have been accepting cases of injuries caused by transvaginal mesh for some time, d’Oliveira & Associates believes that this case should be brought to the attention of more women so that those injured by this device can receive just compensation.

Landmark Transvaginal Mesh Verdict Provides Hope for Injured Women

Surgeon implanting Transvaginal meshA California couple recently became the first couple in the nation to receive a jury award for injuries caused by transvaginal mesh, according to a report from KGET in Bakersfield, California. The jury awarded Christine Scott $5 million, and her husband $500,000 for the claim that the use of Avaulta Mesh manufactured by C.R. Bard Medical had ruined their love life.

Scott said that she was very grateful for the verdict and was excited because “[we] can finally get the word out to women” that vaginal mesh can have an effect on the love life of married couples. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, 47,000 women have been implanted with transvaginal mesh. There are currently 650 lawsuits pending. The jury verdict in the Scott case is the first of its kind in the U.S., and is a landmark victory.

Mesh Recalls

Avaulta Mesh manufacturers C.R. Bard Medical withdrew the product from the U.S. market on July 1, 2012. The product is still being sold in other countries. According to the attorney for the company, the mesh “can be safe and effective when used properly.”

One of Scott’s lawyers, Elaine Houghton, indicated that the testing of the product may not have been thorough as, after trails on 32 animals, “the next living being this product went into was women.”

Injured Due to the Transvaginal Mesh Device?

personal injury lawyerAlthough neither party was represented by d’Oliveira & Associates, they have been advertising for and are currently looking for cases for women who may have been injured by these Transvaginal Mesh implants. Their firm is currently working with some of the leading attorneys in the United States for these defective medical device cases.

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