defective Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

A Pennsylvania woman was awarded a $41 Million Dollar verdict after a jury decided that her transvaginal mesh was defective and had caused her injuries. The woman had undergone a surgical procedure to treat her organ prolapse with an Ethicon transvaginal mesh patch. After the procedure, she began to experience serious and painful side effects. Ultimately, she had to undergo a number of procedures to treat her ongoing symptoms.

Transvaginal Mesh VictimThe jury decided that the Ethicon transvaginal mesh was the cause of her symptoms and awarded the woman a verdict which included $15 Million Dollars in compensatory damages, $25 Million Dollars in punitive damages, and $1 Million Dollars on a loss of consortium claim. Currently, over 33,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits are pending across the country.

What is a Transvaginal Mesh Used to Treat?

Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh patches are often used to treat issues such as organ prolapse or urinary incontinence. These conditions are caused by a weakening of the muscles that surround the pelvic floor in women. When the pelvic floor muscles are weakened, women can experience symptoms such as low back or pelvic pain, bladder incontinence, and/or bowel incontinence.

Surgeon implanting Transvaginal mesh to damaged organs of woman during surgeryTransvaginal mesh products are intended to be placed surgically along the muscular structures of the pelvic floor to provide support and treat these symptoms. However, women who have been treated with these patches continue to report serious side effects. Many women who have been injured by transvaginal mesh products have required invasive surgeries to remove the devices and correct the issues they caused.

Why is the Ethicon Transvaginal Mesh Allegedly Dangerous?

Woman suffering from one of many side effects from Transvaginal Mesh that was used to repair her damaged organsPlaintiffs allege that the makers of the Ethicon transvaginal mesh failed to manufacture a safe product. Further, lawsuits specifically claim that the makers of the mesh products knew or should have known that the products were not safe and likely to cause injury.

It is thought that the mesh products do not work the way they are intended and are prone to erosion and migration through the pelvic area. Due to the high number of these claims, they have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL) cases that will all be heard in front of the same judge. This process helps save time and money by allowing plaintiffs to establish certain factual claims at the same time.

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