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Three adults recently passed away from complications related to respiratory illnesses that may be linked to vaping. At the time of death, it was unclear exactly how vaping could have caused such a severe respiratory illness. The victim who passed away in Oregon even stated that the vape products with cannabis included were purchased at a dispensary. Health officials everywhere are scrambling to find the connection between vaping and lung issues that are causing so many teens and young adults to fall ill.

How Is Vaping Linked To The Most Recent Deaths?

woman vapingSome health officials, mostly the New York Health Department, are declaring a new lead on the substance in e-liquids that may be causing respiratory illnesses, vitamin E acetate. This compound is usually ingested as a vitamin supplement or oil and is not considered harmful to humans. However, vitamin E acetate has not been investigated for its health effects when inhaled like with vaping. Many of the vaping products that have been linked to sick individuals contain vitamin E acetate. It is still not conclusive whether this vitamin or other factors could be leading to the outbreak of lung diseases. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) reported at least 450 cases of severe lung disease that is likely linked to vaping products.

What Are the Three Major Concerns Surrounding Vaping?

There are three different crises surrounding vaping in the U.S. today. First, the public is concerned about the unknown health side effects involved with vaping, because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not completed research on the topic. Read more here about the judge who forced the FDA to expedite research. Secondly, the public is also concerned with the marketing strategies of some vaping companies. Specifically, many are concerned about the targeted strategies of vaping companies who appeal to teens and young adults. Lastly, the original fear of vaping came when e-cigarettes began to explode killing when in use after two males died and at least 250 others have been injured.

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