Vaping and e-cigarette products have become a hot topic in the news because many young individuals developed serious lung illnesses after using e-cigarette products. Two facts about the vape crisis are clear to the public. First, vaping has become a popular trend among youth that has resulted in an increased use of nicotine and other products starting at a very young age. Second, young individuals are experiencing serious breathing issues that are abnormal with some cases even resulting death.

Currently, the CDC has reported over 1,000 cases of vape-related illnesses and a rising death toll of 18 victims. In taking swift action, even the Governors of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, have set a ban on vaping products until the dangers become clearer to health officials, state officials, and the public.

What Are the Injuries Involved with E-Cigarettes?


The vaping epidemic continues as now over 1,000 cases of deadly illnesses linked to vaping products and 18 deaths were reported by the CDC this week. The CDC is even more concerned by the fact that it seems the number of victims is rising rather than decreasing. This may indicate that even more people will fall ill before finding the cause or cure of vaping related illnesses. Many of the people who have fallen ill specifically recall using THC vape cartridges, which is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

The illnesses relating to vaping mostly impact and target the lungs. It appears as though the patients have lung diseases that are really only common in older patients who have been smoking their whole lives. Meanwhile, many of these patients are quite young, since the vaping trend is popular amongst young individuals. Those who develop lung-related illnesses after vaping that are older, like age 50, are more likely to die from the illness than the average patient at the age of 23.

What Are the Causes of these Vaping Injuries?

Vaping Injuries

Initially, many doctors and medical professional believed the vaping-related injuries could be caused by oily lipids in the lungs, which resemble symptoms of a rare type of pneumonia. Just this past week though, the Mayo Clinic revealed that after reviewing 17 of the deceased patients tissue and conducting testing, it looks to be an air-born chemical, similar to what is seen in patients exposed to air-borne toxic substances.

Getting even closer to a potential answer to the cause of these illnesses, NBC news worked with a cannabis testing lab to test THC cartridges from both legal and black market sellers. The results showed that 13 out of the 15 of the tested black market cartridges revealed Vitamin E contamination. This has been a frequent hypothesis amongst medical personnel, because the Vitamin E, although safe on skin and taken as a vitamin, has never been studied on the effects of inhaling in humans. Even more concerning, 10 of the cartridges tested positive for myclobutanil, which when burned, can become hydrogen cyanide, which is deadly to humans. All of this information has left the public with one clear answer: vaping is dangerous and we need more research to understand the exact causes of the dangers and injuries involved.

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