At the end of each week, the law firm d’Oliveira & Associates compiles a summary of recalls, FDA warnings, market withdrawals and safety alerts that the public should be aware of for their safety so they can make informed decisions.

22 Recalls to be aware of this week


Paradise Grills recalls outdoor kitchens due to liquid propane gas possibility accumulating inside the closed lid and cabinets, causing an explosion hazard


Recalled Truck

Chrysler recalls 340,000 Ram pickups that could catch fire

Nissan recalls more than 404,000 older models due to air bag pushing off the emblem, turning it into a missile.

Subaru issues a do not drive order and recalls small number of Solterras because the wheels could fall off

Tesla recalls nearly 363,000 vehicles with advanced driver assistance due to rare instances that self-driving may violate traffic laws


Recalled Children’s Clothing

Betsy & Lace recalls children’s nightgowns due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard

Hatley USA recalls children’s pajamas due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standards

The Oaks Apparel Company recalls children’s nightgowns due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standards

Drugs & Medications:

Sun Pharma recalls generic blood pressure drug due to impurities

Volt Candy recalls male enhancement supplement due to the pills being tainted, making it an unapproved drug

Food, Beverage & Nutritional Supplements:

Recalled Chocolate

Daiso issues allergy alert for prepackaged snacks due to undeclared allergens

Le Fromage au Village Inc. recalls Le Cru du Clocher raw milk cheddar cheese due to Listeria contamination.

PC brand cheddar cheese recalled after testing finds Listeria

Public health alert on Signature Select breakfast bowls due to possible spoilage after temperature abuse

Silvestri Sweets issues voluntary allergy alert due to undeclared pecan in milk chocolate caramels

Starbucks recalls Frappuccino Vanilla drinks due to the possibility it contains pieces of glass

Wismettac Asian Foods issues allergy alert due to undeclared spice seasoning

Medical Devices:

Recalled Philips CPAP Sleep Apnea Machines linked to nearly 350 deaths


Recalled BIke recalls wicked lights night hunting headlamps due to burn hazard

KLIM recalls backcountry probes due to risk of severe injury or death

Linus Bike recalls electric bicycles due to crash hazard


Kids Preferred recalls Disney-Character Figurines due to choking hazard

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