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A d’Oliveira & Associates disability lawyer recently helped a Wrentham client (name withheld for confidentiality purposes) gain approval for SSD benefits during his appeal. The appeal yielded an administrative decision stating the man was entitled to over $27,000 in past-due Social Security Disability benefits, and would be entitled to receive over $1,500 per month going forward. As an added help for the man, who suffers ongoing symptoms from both physical and mental impairment, his two minor children will each receive over $7,000 in past-due benefits, and over $350 each month going forward in monthly child’s benefits.

neck backThe man had applied for benefits years ago in 2011 and was denied. Although the man became disabled back in 2009, he was deemed disabled and eligible for government compensation by the Administration’s standards in 2012, having suffered from a degenerative disc disease causing him chronic neck and back pain, as well as some mental health issues including depression and ADHD. The man was treating with a variety of healthcare professionals including chiropractors, physical therapists, and a local pain clinic to manage his ongoing symptoms. After a failed application to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, the man hired attorney Cara Gallucci, the staff attorney in the Attleboro, MA branch of d’Oliveira & Associates.

Attorney Gallucci worked hard on the man’s appeal, representing her client through a couple of administrative hearings. She states: “This was a difficult case for a very deserving client. We initially won at hearing, and unfortunately, the Appeals Council reviewed and reversed the Judge’s favorable finding. We were able to argue to have the case sent back to the trial judge, who approved the petition for benefits again after a second hearing.” Attorney Gallucci’s unwavering advocacy paid off, as she says: “This is a well deserving client who had worked in a very physically demanding field, and his body deteriorated due to the hard work, making him unable to continue working not only in his prior field of work, but in any other line of work.”

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Degenerative disc disease is just one of a number of disorders of the spine that may entitle applicants to disability payments. Other spinal conditions that meet the Administration’s definition of disability include: herniated nucleus pulposus, spinal arachnoiditis, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, facet arthritis, or a vertebral fracture, among others. All of these conditions can contribute to ongoing symptoms including chronic neck and back pain. A spine condition may inhibit your ability to work, and a serious affliction could make it so you are unable to obtain any meaningful employment. Under these circumstances, a qualified Social Security Disability attorney may be able to help.

Attleboro Social Security Disability attorneyd’Oliveira & Associates has knowledgeable disability attorneys and legal staff, who are well-versed with the reconsideration and appeals processes to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. The firm has fifteen branches across both Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, so call or fill out an online contact form on our website for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

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Attorney Paul d’Oliveira has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 30 years. He started his personal injury law practice in 1989 with two offices in Fall River, MA and East Providence, RI. Today his firm has 16 offices in RI and Southeastern, MA.

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