Xarelto Lawsuit

A Pennsylvania state court jury heard that pharmaceutical companies Bayer and Johnson & Johnson rigged a clinical trial to make the blood-thinning drug Xarelto appear safer compared to its main competitor in the market. According to a news report, the Xarelto lawsuit was filed by an Indiana woman who claims she suffered gastrointestinal bleeding in June 2014 after taking Xarelto for a little over a year to help prevent blood clotting and strokes caused by her atrial fibrillation.

Skewed Xarelto Trial Results

Xarelto trial medical recordsLawyers point to medical records from the woman’s four-day hospital stay during which she received two blood transfusions stating that her bleeding had been complicated by Xarelto and that she did not experience any additional bleeding after being taken off the drug. The plaintiff’s lawyer told jurors that a Xarelto clinical trial aimed at comparing the drug’s safety and efficacy to warfarin had been stacked with patients from Eastern Europe where warfarin dosing were more frequently mishandled.

As a result the warfarin users in the clinical trials appeared to suffer strokes and bleeding incidents at a rate similar to Xarelto users. However, when you look at the data from North America where warfarin was given in proper doses, one could see that the number of Xarelto users experiencing strokes and bleeding incidents was significantly higher. The clinical trial was intentionally rigged just so the pharmaceutical companies could make billions of dollars by selling Xarelto, the plaintiff’s lawyers claimed. Lawyers for Bayer and Janssen said cardiologists prescribe Xarelto despite the bleeding risk because it “serves an important function.”

What are The Dangers of Xarelto?

antidote for warfarinThe bleeding dangers posed by Xarelto are in fact well known. In a recent analysis done by health website, HealthGrove, Xarelto was listed 24th on their list of most dangerous drugs. The problem with Xarelto is that there is no antidote to reverse its bleeding effects unlike warfarin whose effects can be reversed with the use of an antidote such as vitamin K. Some of the other top serious side effects linked to Xarelto according to HealthGrove include deep vein thrombosis, brain hemorrhage, stroke, blood clots and serious nosebleeds.

If you have been prescribed Xarelto by your healthcare provider, it is important that you assess and evaluate your options with your doctor. Manufacturers of drugs do have a legal obligation to sell products that are properly tested and are safe for consumers to use. While most drugs have some type of side effect, it is unacceptable to put drugs in the market that have the potential to cause serious or life-threatening conditions.

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