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When your pet travels with you in a car, and you are involved in a car accident, many drivers wonder whether or not you can get compensation for the injured pet. Generally, the answer is yes, you can receive damages for a pet that is injured in a car crash. The pet’s injuries may often be covered by the insurance policy of your car, which would mean that your pets are protected too. Injuries to your pets may also be covered by the insurance of the other driver. If covered by the other driver’s insurance, this may make it necessary for you to make a claim against the insurance policy of the other driver.

Insurance for Your Pets

Several insurance companies categorize any and all pets as personal property. All that needs to be done is to make a claim to the insurance company of the party that is at fault. The insurance claim may then include compensation for the pet’s medical bills and other bills for reasonable treatment. This is different from pet insurance because pet injury coverage covers the pets from injuries resulting from accidents while they are inside your vehicle. Pet insurance, on the other hand, protects your pet in case of illness or injury – but not necessarily from injuries that the pet incurs in the course of riding in a car.

dog in backseat of a carDepending on the applicable state law, a pet owner may also be compensated not only for the market value of the pet, but also for the sentimental, or emotional, value that the pet represents to its owner. In such instances, the owner may also be compensated for mental suffering or emotional distress because of the injury suffered by the pet. Depending on what facts about the accident that you will be able to prove and factors or circumstances surrounding the case, a court may be convinced to order the individual responsible for the accident to pay for costs of treatment, emotional distress, market value or replacement (in case of death of the pet), sentimental value, and punitive damages.

Has Your Pet Been Injured in a MA Car Accident?

If your pet has been injured or has died in an auto accident, you are entitled to receive compensation for the injuries suffered by your pet, and other costs or expenses incurred and emotional and psychological damage that you or your family has suffered. Contact an auto accident attorney now to know your rights.

Have You Been Injured in a MA Car Accident?

personal injury lawyer meeting client looking for compensation for a loved pet injured in an auto accidentIf you or a loved one has been in an auto accident, you should consider contacting a Taunton car accident attorney with experience in handling these types of cases. The personal injury attorneys of d’Oliveira & Associates, would like to meet with you and discuss the investigation of your automobile accident. Our law firm has represented and assisted numerous automobile accident victims in bringing lawsuits against other drivers and insurance companies alike, and there are no fees unless we are successful.

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