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A growing number of cases have been filed against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Ethicon in connection with the Physiomesh patch. Plaintiffs claim the patches are defective and have caused serious injuries and side effects including adhesions, infections, allergic reactions, and even the need for further invasive surgeries. A group of 62 injured individuals recently filed suit and are asking that a new multi-county litigation (MCL) be formed and heard by Superior Court Judge Rachelle Lea Harrz. This process, known as consolidation, allows cases involving similar injuries alleged to have been caused by the same product to be grouped together, thus saving time and money. There are an ever increasing number of similar injuries reported with the use of surgical mesh products that have been leading to Physiomesh Patch lawsuits.

What Kinds of Injuries are Being Reported?

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A number of serious injuries have reportedly been caused by the Physiomesh Patch, including painful adhesions, reformation of hernias, migration of the mesh patches, and intestinal blockages. Other side effects include fevers, allergic reactions, severe pain, infections, bleeding, and vomiting. The Physiomesh Patches have also been known to shrink, which can leave parts of the abdominal wall weak and open to the redevelopment of hernias. Many patients who have been treated with the Physiomesh Patch and experienced these painful side effects, have had to undergo further surgery to remove the patches.

Are There Other Physiomesh Lawsuits Being Filed?

Physiomesh LawsuitsIn addition to the 62 pending lawsuits currently awaiting MCL approval in New Jersey, numerous other lawsuits have been filed alleging that the Physiomesh Patches are defective and dangerous. Currently, Ethicon is also facing 92 lawsuits consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) in the Northern District of Atlanta, Georgia. These lawsuits claim that Ethicon failed to warn providers and patients about the serious risks and side effects that can be caused by the mesh patches.

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