Summer time means outside activities like cookouts, beach days, and trips to the playground for families. While playgrounds offer a fun play space for children and their family members, they are also a place where slip and fall injuries are likely to occur. These injuries can be caused by dangerous or poorly maintained playground equipment, uneven walkways, unsafe railings, and clutter left behind on the playground. The owner of the property where the playground is located is responsible for keeping the premises safe. If you or a loved one is injured by a slip and fall at a playground, contact our experienced Providence slip and fall lawyers. You may be able to file a Providence slip and fall lawsuit to recover for your injuries. Here are some tips for avoiding playground slip and fall injuries this summer:

  1. Child running at playgroundKeep a watchful eye on children. Children often get excited to go to the playground and have free time to run around. Always keep an eye on where they are and what they are doing to prevent injuries. Playground equipment could be broken and cause a slip and fall injury, so it is important to assess the area where your children will be playing beforehand.
  2. playground railingsMake sure gates and railings are secure. Open gates and broken railings can cause serious injuries, especially in an environment where children are running and climbing. Before letting your children play, check that any gates enclosing the area are closed and secure. Also, look at any railings along walkways and stairs to make sure they are safe.
  3. Playground EquipmentUse playground equipment appropriately. Sometimes children will get carried away and use the playground equipment in a way it should not be used, climbing up the slide instead of sliding down it for instance. This can easily lead to falls and injuries. Make sure children are using the playground equipment in the way it was intended to be used.
  4. Avoid wet areas on the playground. Wet and slippery surfaces are a leading cause of slip and fall injuries. If there are areas on the playground that are wet, make sure to warn children to watch out for them or avoid them altogether. It may be a good idea to wait a day after it rains to do a playground trip to avoid these conditions.
  5. Soft Playground materials to lessen slip and fall injuriesChose a playground with soft materials. Slip and fall injuries can be more severe when landing on a hard or rough surface. Look for playgrounds that have cushiony materials such as a layer of wood chips or soft foam material lining the play area. These materials can provide a buffer zone in case of a fall and lessen the impact of slip and fall injuries.

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