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Typically, the most well-known instances of medical malpractice occur during the procedure that one has undergone. But, has the procedure and those associated liabilities really terminated upon the medical professional stitching the last suture and sliding off their gloves? Coincidentally, events that occur after an operation, such as in post-operative care, could render a medical malpractice case. This is certainly relevant for those who undergo medical procedures and surgeries, so the opportunity to become educated about it should not be brushed aside. Luckily, our Middletown medical malpractice lawyers are ready to assist you with your case, should yours or your loved ones medical procedure take a downhill turn.

What Types of Medical Negligence Occur During Post-Operative Care?

Medical Negligence Occur During Post-Operative CareDuring the period of post-operative care, which spans from the moment you leave the operating room until you are fully healed, many things could go tragically wrong. One factor that can contribute to this is the chance that the recovery period could be prolonged due to negligence on the medical professional’s part. This could be due to the fact that the medical professional did not follow the adequate protocol during the post-operative time period, or neglected to perform an important step following the procedure. A second, more invasive type of post-operative injury could include an infection or even a blood clot. These injuries can be the result of inappropriate post-operative care and can have serious consequences. If any of these signs of negligence occur to you or your loved one, our knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyers are ready to assist.

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