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A severe type of anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can typically occur after an individual has been exposed to one, or a series, of traumatic experiences that often involve the risk of personal injury or death. PTSD has been known to occur because an individual has experienced a traumatic event. Some of the more common examples that lead to an individual developing PTSD may include natural disasters, terrorist attacks, time served in the military, rape, war, assault, floods, or fires. Three main types of PTSD are generally recognized:

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  • “Reliving” the event: Where individual have flashbacks or other experiences that make an individual feel as if they are experiencing the initial traumatic event again. Individuals with this type of PTSD often have serious reactions to any event or object that can remind them of the event that has caused their stress condition.
  • Hypersensitivity: Also known as arousal, this is characterized by extreme sensitivity to loud or other events that grab an individual’s attention. An individual who is suffering from this form of PTSD may have trouble concentrating. Such an individual may also experience overreaction to certain things that would normally scare you, have severe feelings of irritability and anger outbursts and trouble sleeping or staying asleep.
  • Avoidance: This form of PTSD can occur when the individual appears to display apathy toward events, objects, and individuals surrounding him or her. He or she may feel detached from the world and may have trouble with remembering any information connected with the trauma. They tend to be less interested in things they would usually enjoy and they avoid people, places or thoughts that remind them of the event.

worker-stressedThere are other serious symptoms of this stress and tension that manifest themselves physically when a person is experiencing PTSD. These include agitation or excitability, dizziness, fainting, rapid heartbeat, and headaches or migraines. Also, people with PTSD may experience problems with alcohol or substance abuse, depression, or other related medical conditions. These symptoms may make it difficult or nearly impossible to work a regular job. If your doctor told you can’t work anymore due to your severe PTSD and you are struggling to hold down a job, you may want to speak with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in RI who can give you advice. An experienced RI Social Security Disability attorney can help you to make important life decisions concerning your future.

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