Dog biting mans arm

Every year, it is estimated that 2% of individuals who live in the United States are bitten by dogs. This translates to about 800,000 people who will require medical attention as a result of dog bites or attacks. Dog bites may cause simple injuries and minor problems that do not require hospitalization. In other instances, however, these attacks may lead to serious injuries and complications that may require not only hospitalization, but also long and difficult rehabilitation to return to pre-dog bite form.

The experience of a dog bite or attack can be very traumatic, especially since this can happen to your own dog or to a familiar dog.

Hints on How to Prevent Dog Bites or a Dog Attack:

You may want to consider following these few tips in order to possible help prevent dog bites or ensure the safety of individuals around your dog or of your family around other dogs.

dog on leash being walked

Never Approach an Unfamiliar Dog

Talk to the pet owner and ask how a dog responds or communicates. Find out if the nature and character of the dog will allow it to act normally around strangers. Never pet a loose dog or a dog that is unfamiliar because you may not know how the dog will respond.

Never Run Away

It is possible that a dog’s first instinct is to run and chase after you. When a dog is chasing a human, dogs are almost always faster and could chase you down, and running just triggers the dog’s instinct to chase. Be gentle on the dog, you should not surprise it.

Do Not Leave Children Unattended With Dogs

You should never leave a child with a dog. Dogs can be very friendly; however, they cannot communicate what they feel as effectively as humans. Children should not be left around them because dogs may become disoriented, frightened, or scared of children and attack them. The size of the dog will be important in a dog bite case when it is determined how much damage or injury the dog may have inflicted.

Socialize Your Own Dog

Your own dog needs a set of standards in order for it to act normally around other pets or children. You will need to expose the dog to guests and other dogs in order to let it feel that competition and socialization is inevitable.

Keep your dog’s vaccine up to date

Make sure your own dog has appropriate vaccines. The vaccines will be important because the lack of vaccinations may be seen as evidence that the owner of the dog has not properly taken care of the dog.

Have You or a Loved One Been Bitten by a Dog?

If a dog has bitten you, you should consider contacting an injury attorney who has experience in dog bite cases. The Rhode Island attorneys of d’Oliveira & Associates would like to meet with you and discuss the investigation of your injury. Our law firm has represented and assisted numerous dog bite victims in bringing lawsuits against dog owners and insurance companies alike. We never charge our clients any fees or expenses, unless you receive a settlement or award.

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