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Spotting the signs of nursing home abuse and reporting them accordingly is important and may put an end to elder abuse and neglect. However, in order to reduce the risk and the incidents of elder abuse, there is a need to learn the best ways that family members can help to prevent nursing home abuse.

Ways By Which Family Members Can Prevent Elder Abuse:

  • Visit Frequently
  • The most effective way to ensure that your loved one is safe is to pay a visit to them on a regular basis. Residents who are visited regularly are considerably less likely to be abused because they are in contact with family. You may want to vary the time that you visit and show up unannounced so that you can see what is actually happening in the nursing facility, rather than the staff being able to show you what they want you to see.

  • Listen to Your Loved Ones
  • You need to be vigilant. If your loved one wants to share a story about incidents in the nursing home, it may be in your best interest to listen to what they have to say. This can give you some perspective on how they are treated in the facility, and provide signs that warn you of a tendency or a possibility that your own loved one may currently be in the hands of caregivers who are neglecting or abusing them.

  • Talk to the Staff Members
  • Nursing Home Nurse Hugging Elderly WomanYou may want to build up a relationship with the staff members who are responsible for your loved one. You may want to talk to them in order to create a positive personal connection. This can help to promote friendship and safety for your loved ones – if the staff likes you, they might take better care of your loved one.

  • Treat the Staff with Respect
  • Treat the staff the way you want your loved one to be treated. Dealing with nursing home residents can be very stressful, and you have to understand that. You will also need to take a part in your loved one’s life if you want to prevent an untoward incident from happening.

  • Educate Others
  • Inform other people about how nursing home abuse can be prevented. This addresses not only your own problem but also may help to end abuse and neglect in nursing homes in general.

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