Rhode Island traffic

Providence, Rhode Island is a New England cultural hub for food, art, and entertainment. These attractions are conveniently reached via Interstate 95, which on a daily basis can transport over 300,000 vehicles up and down the East Coast. However, high traffic volume often results in high accident rates. On top of this, Rhode Island has some of the most dangerous roads in the country.

Rhode Islands’ Structurally Deficient Bridges

According to the Reason Foundations’ Annual Highway Report, Rhode Island is the 2nd worst state for having the poor highway conditions. Additionally, Rhode Island ranks last among all states in structurally deficient bridges, meaning the tiniest state in the nation also houses the most dangerous bridges in the entire nation. Interstate 95 passes directly through Providence. Although there are 136 structurally deficient bridges in Rhode Island, 14 of them are on Interstate 95 according to American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

What does bustling Interstate 95 and structurally deficient bridges mean for Rhode Island residents? It means a higher chance of involvement in a car accident, particularly in Providence. It means that your car will likely sustain more “wear and tear” than the average vehicle. For those who not-so-lovingly refer to Rhode Island as the “Pothole State”, it means that the moniker will be relevant for a while longer.

COVID 19 and Motor Vehicle Fatalities

Every year, motor vehicles become safer to operate thanks to the many regulations now placed on manufactures. However, a primary cause of death in the United States is still motor vehicle accidents. Distracted driving is in part to blame, but studies have shown that COVID 19 may also be directly related to an increase in car accidents. Already during 2022, Rhode Island has sustained 56 fatal car crashes, resulting in 59 total deaths. Most recently on April 30, 2022, a fatal car accident occurred on I-95 north while heading towards Providence. Caution is always required when operating a motor vehicle, but accidents still happen. 

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