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Since there rise in the United States in the early 90’s, red light cameras have been questioned about its accuracy and revenue generation. With over 30 cameras in Providence and the surrounding areas, there is no lack of eyes on busy areas. How does the process work and how much money is generated from them?

How Do Red Light Cameras Work?

There is a combination of technology and human decision that goes into the process. The camera will video the potential violation of a driver running a red light. The video will be screened by the camera’s contractor for obvious exceptions like funeral processions or emergency vehicles. The rest will be sent to a patrolman to observe each video and determine if there is a violation or not. Normally, if a light has been red for .23 seconds, and a vehicle goes through the light, a violation will be issued.

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If a violation is determined, an $85 ticket will be issued to the car’s owner. It is possible to contest the ticket in court. The footage of the vehicle running the red light will more than likely be played as evidence. The quality of these cameras are very impressive. A vehicle going over 90 MPH can still have their license plate number clearly read by officials. Additionally, signs are put up when a camera has been placed in the area. No one would be able to say that there was no warning.

How Much Revenue is Generated from Red Light Cameras?

From July 2016 – May 2017, the top ten (10) red light cameras generated over $1 million. Below is a breakdown of the revenue produced by these ten (10) cameras:

  • Pleasant Valley Parkway (south) / Valley St. – $310,360
  • Pleasant Valley Parkway (north) / Valley St. – $217,770
  • Allens Ave. (north) / Terminal Rd. – $203,171
  • North Main St. / Branch Ave – $168,233
  • Allens Ave. (south) / Terminal Rd. – $125,876
  • Broad St. (south) / Baker St. – $124, 464
  • Roger Williams Ave. (east) / Elmwood Ave. – $112,838
  • Dean St. (north) / Route 10 – $103,834
  • Service Rd. (south) / Broadway – $77,322
  • Atwells Ave. (west) / Harris Ave. – $77,301

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