Cars Running Red Light

A recent AAA study of government crash data, has produced a shocking new statistics. The number of deaths caused by motorists running red lights is a ten-year high. In fact, the percentage of such a tragedies has not been this high since 2008. 28% of deaths at traffic intersections are caused by a driver running red light. AAA does not know the cause of the increase in deaths but has suggested that either distracted driving or poorly timed light signals are contributors to the problem.

Why Is It Dangerous to Run a Red Light?

Cars Running Red Light in an intersection

Running a red light can have deadly consequences. In 2017, 939 people were killed by automobiles who ran a red light. These victims include those in other vehicles who were legally driving, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists who were trying to cross. Most people who run a red light usually do it because they are in a rush but no life is worth such a reckless risk. People need to be aware of this high statistic in order to assess their own driving practices to improve local roadway safety.

How Can You Help Prevent Car and Pedestrian Accidents?

traffic signal

For Drivers. AAA is cautioning drivers to take extra precautions when approaching traffic lights and intersections. They recommend drivers prepare to stop prior to the intersection even if the light is green, just in case it changes quickly. It is also recommended to lightly tap on your breaks prior to an intersection to warn the drivers behind you of potentially stopping. Drivers should wait a moment when a light initially turns green to ensure that no other drivers who run a red light could hit you.

pedestrian watching for cars speeding

For Pedestrians and Bicyclists. Since childhood, you have learned to look both ways before crossing the street. But AAA is really encouraging that pedestrians and bicyclists entering a traffic intersection should wait a few seconds and observe that the traffic pattern is clear prior to crossing. It is also especially important to stay alert by reducing distractions such as wearing headphones or looking at your cellphone.

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