The arch structure of a bridge

After the extreme winter that swept through all of New England last year, the State’s infrastructure is having a hard time keeping up. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (DOT) recently completed emergency inspections of 230 bridges throughout the state, which found that 2 bridges need significant repairs and another two dozen need minor ones. Maintenance of the bridges is one of the State’s top priorities as it braces for another chilly winter.

Which Bridges Are in the Worst Shape?

View of bridge from underneathTwo bridges were singled out as being at the most risk: the Pawtucket Ave. Bridge in East Providence, which spans Route I-195; and the Mineral Springs Ave. Bridge in Pawtucket, which spans the Moshassuck River. Each of the bridges have undergone and are still undergoing emergency repairs, and there are travel restrictions over the Mineral Springs Ave. Bridge, which officials say they were afraid was going to collapse.

Pawtucket Ave. Bridge

Mineral Springs Ave. Bridge

Can You Get Compensation After a Bridge Collapse?

personal injury lawyer meeting couple about National Safe at Home WeekIf you suffer an injury from a bridge collapse, you might be able to get compensation. Many different parties could be responsible for the bridge collapse, including the firm the constructed the bridge and the municipal or state agency responsible for maintaining it. If there was enough of a warning to show that the bridge was dangerous, and nothing was done about it, there may be liability.

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