Driverless Vehicles in Rhode Island

Although some of us may not want to accept it, the age of the driverless vehicle is dawning. News reports state that big changes are coming and Rhode Island wants to be ready for them, particularly for driverless vehicles and other high-end innovations coming to its roadways. While there is no question that we will see driverless vehicles on our roadways in the near future, making them safe and efficient remains a key area of concern. Typically, new technology is flawed, so in the wake of these self-driving machines we urge you to exhibit extreme caution and not to hesitate to call a Newport car accident lawyer if are injured in an accident.

Is This Technology Coming to Rhode Island?

Connected and autonomous vehicle technology (CAV) is the term used to describe a connective vehicle system that involves making street signs, road striping and traffic lights compatible with self-driving cars. An information network is also needed to enable driverless cars and other autonomous features to communicate and function. The cars are expected to use cloud-based systems and wireless communication networks to move through their surroundings, anticipate the road ahead and even perform functions such as locating available parking spaces.

Will Self-Driving Cars Be Safer?

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The companies developing driverless cars promise that these vehicles will be safer, more efficient and less prone to error than human drivers. Rhode Island transportation officials say they want to be prepared for driverless vehicles. The state began preparing for CAV technology in June when RIDOT issues a request for information or RFI from companies that are interested in bringing their connected and automated vehicle services to Rhode Island. The deadline for submission has been extended until October. RIDOT is also hosting an innovation exposition Sept. 14-15 at the New England Institute of Technology in Warwick, which is expected to promote offers to test CAV concepts across the state.

What Concerns Do People Have?

While the prospect of having driverless cars on our roadways is exciting, there are a number of concerns that still linger. One of the main issues is safety. The technology for self-driving cars simply isn’t ready for practical use yet. Most driverless cars, we hear, are stumped by inclement weather. Heavy rainfall or snowfall interferes with sensors and snow on the ground makes it hard for vehicles to read lines on the road. These issues are going to have to be fixed if driverless cars are to make it to Rhode Island where wintry weather is sure to be a huge challenge.

Liability is the next biggest issue. If a driverless car gets in an auto accident, who will be held liable? Would it be the owner of the vehicle or the manufacturer of the vehicle? Will original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) take blame when their systems fail? Where do auto insurance companies come in? As Rhode Island car accident lawyers who represent injured victims and their families, we hope that driverless cars aren’t brought to the market until they have been properly vetted and tested. We hope driverless technologies help prevent or reduce the number of car accidents in the future, but in the event that they don’t, we are here for you.

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