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Out goes the waves and in comes uniformity. The Rhode Island (RI) State Senate just approved a bill requiring citizens to replace their license plates with the RI wave on it. The new law goes into effect starting December 1, 2019. For many citizens, it’s not an immediate change. Most will not be required to switch over until it’s time for vehicle registration renewal.

What is the Current Rhode Island License Plate Laws?

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Currently, RI has two license plate designs: waves and sailboats. The wave license plate design is considered the standard plate, while the sailboat design is designated as the alternative plate. There are a variety of other special license plates design that require additional applications and approvals. Regardless, if you have a license plate design of waves or sailboats in RI then you are in compliance with the law.

How Does the New Rhode Island License Plate Law Affect You?

The new RI license plate law will replace the wave license plate design entirely. The RI Senate reasoned that having one design for all citizens would increase compliance of local DMV laws. The transition begins the first of December but many citizens are not required to order a new license plate until their vehicle is up for registration renewal.

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