Self-Driving SUV Causes Death

While walking her bike across the street, an Arizona woman was tragically struck and killed by a self-driving Uber SUV. There was a “backup safety driver” behind the driver’s wheel at the time of the accident, but the vehicle had been set to auto drive, leaving all control to the SUV itself. Questions were raised after the accident as to why the SUV’s sensors failed to detect the pedestrian or stop the vehicle in time. Uber quickly reached a settlement with the family of the victim. Although the cause of the sensor failure remains under investigation, critics of self-driving vehicles claim that the new technology could increase the number of accidents and lead to Rhode Island injury lawsuits.

Will Self-Driving Cars be Safe?

Self-Driving SUVThe introduction of self-driving car technology has sparked a great deal of debate in the car manufacturing industries and the general public. Supporters of autonomous vehicles claim that the vehicles will promote safety and prevent accidents. Critics point to potential issues with the complex set of sensors in self driving cars that could ultimately lead to injuries and even tragedies, such as the accident in Arizona. Many automakers who are currently developing self-driving vehicles put their programs on hold until it can be determined what went wrong in the Uber SUV.

Potential Legal Issues

Self-Driving lawsuitThe advent of self-driving cars raises several legal issues as well. For instances, who is responsible in an accident involving self-driving cars? The answer will likely depend on the cause of the accident. If the accident was caused by a failure in the car’s sensory system, for example, the manufacturer of the system or the vehicle may be responsible for the resulting injuries. The fact of the matter is, even if cars are driving themselves, accidents will still happen. It is important to understand your legal rights if you are injured in an accident and to hire an experienced car accident lawyer who can make sure you are compensated for your injuries.

Contact an Experienced Rhode Island Injury Lawyer

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