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Let’s face it, construction accidents occur all the time. From carpenters to insulation workers to roofers, the risk for injury is always prevalent, and always dangerous. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that roughly 6.5 million construction workers work at over 250,000 construction sites every day. Every construction worker faces the risk of becoming injured each year, from fires from sparks in hazardous areas to falling objects. This fact has made the construction industry one of the most dangerous industries to work at in the United States. However, construction site accidents usually result in an individual being unable to work for an extended period of time, and tend to include being paid for this time off through workers’ compensation programs.

What’s the Problem with Workers Compensation in Construction Accidents?

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Though the workers compensation program has many of its own benefits because of the way that it operates through state or local governments, it may not be an adequate remedy for all workers who are injured within the construction industry. For such an industry that is as dangerous as the construction industry, in which the average employee faces the true risks. It is not the employer that faces the risks of construction, and the injury compensation program in place should therefore benefit employees more than it benefits employers. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case with workers compensation.

Though workers compensation benefits employees by providing quick financial assistance and not requiring a showing of fault on the part of the employer, the employers have the real advantage. Employers get to carry insurance which will cover their employee’s losses after an injury, and in return get the peace of mind knowing they won’t be subjected to an expensive lawsuit. The problem with this is the lack of an incentive to invest in a safe workplace.

OSHA and Other Construction Accident Options

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Many times, construction accidents are actually the fault of the employer, particularly the employer’s lack of, or insufficient provision of, adequate safety measures. In these frequent occurrences, without workers compensation, workers would have a valid lawsuit against the employer and would be able to recover for all of their losses, including pain and suffering, and not just a fraction of their average weekly wage.

Without a true incentive to spend more time and money investing in safety, the construction industry will continue to suffer these construction accident injuries. For such a dangerous industry, the focus should always be on safety.

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