Hip Injuries

Many of our Social Security Disability clients are the victims of serious hip injuries. Due to the location of the hip and how frequently it is used throughout the day, injuries to the hip make it very difficult for these clients to work. Whether it was caused by a workplace injury, a car accident, or another type of accident, hip pain can be debilitating.

Hip pain can range in severity from mild discomfort to severe and constant pain. Most clients want to return to work, but the pain prevents them from doing so. The more common types of injuries that lead to needing Social Security Disability benefits include:


  • Failed Hip Replacement: Recent studies have shown that metal on metal joint replacements are more likely to fail before the normal fifteen year advertised life of the implant. Generally, hip implants are used when an individual’s hip begins to break down. There are several reasons that these hip implants fail, but the more common reasons are the device detaching from the bone, normal wear and tear creating friction, and inflammation that creates debris that increases the likelihood of detachment. Also, over time the bone erodes near the implant site and leads to increased pain and discomfort. The metal ball is also able to slip out of the socket causing the necessity of replacement.
  • Hip Injury/Hip Pain: Generally the treatment for a painful hip injury is rest, pain medicine, and painful physical therapy before the person can return to enjoyment of their regular life activities. Hip injuries may cause you to be unable to return to work.
  • Fractured Pelvis: A fractured pelvis is painful and can take a long time to heal and may never completely. This is generally caused by blunt force trauma or some form of wound to the area. Those with osteoporosis are also more likely to suffer from pelvic fractures. Swelling, bruising and severe pain are often symptoms of pelvic fractures. These injuries can cause a person to walk with a limp and with pain for several months to several years.

man-walking-againHip injuries can be debilitating injuries that keep you out of work for long periods of time. If you or a loved one has this injury and it is affecting your life so severely that your doctor tells you that you should not return to work, contact an experienced RI Social Security Disability attorney right away. An experienced Social Security attorney in Rhode Island can help you to make important life decisions and can ease the stress of the application process to the Social Security Administration.

Nearly 75 percent of all first time applicants for Social Security Disability are denied benefits. This denial is generally not because the disability is not worthy of benefits, but rather because the paperwork was not what the Social Security Administration was looking for.

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