Denied Social Security Disability and SSI Decisions

The Social Security disability and Social Security income application process is usually a lengthy one. Most of these claims are denied at some point during the three levels of the process (initial, reconsideration, and hearing). You may find yourself wondering what are the approval rate for Social Security benefit claims.

The truth is that approval rate varies depending on the level at which claims are examined and reviewed. It also varies by state. During the initial stage of the application process, the approval rate is 36% on a national level. If claimants are denied, they then can make their appeal. The approval rate during the reconsideration appeal is the lowest among the three levels, considering that most of the claimants do not pursue their claim after having been denied the first time around. The approval rate at the reconsideration appeal is approximately 14% nationally.

woman-injured-backThe same disability agency in the same state that handled the initial stage of the claim handles the reconsideration. These agencies are known as disability determination services. Once a claim has been denied at this stage, the decision may be appealed to an administrative law judge, who presides over the hearing stage. Hearings are conducted at federal hearing offices. This stage has the highest rate of approval at 62%. The decision of the judge may still be appealed to an appeals council, which has an approval rate of only about 13%. Final recourse may be a lawsuit filed in federal court, which has a 40% approval rate.

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However, such a process is sure to take an extended period of time and be very draining emotionally, physically, and financially. You need a Social Security attorney because the process can be confusing and time consuming. Roughly 75% of first time disability applications are denied, and an attorney can guide you through the lengthy appeals and hearing process. Your chances on appeal are much greater if you have an attorney who can help you.

Under Social Security Administration guidelines, you have a right to be represented when doing business with the Social Security Administration. If you retain a lawyer prior to filing a claim with the Social Security Administration, you double your chances of success at the first level, and you can save yourself a lot of time.

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