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Recently d’Oliveira & Associates attorney, D. Robin Gouveia,  obtained $110,000 car accident settlement from Plymouth Rock Assurance for a Swansea, MA woman. Our client was traveling down a road in Swansea when another vehicle, on the same road, made a turn into the opposing lane, causing a crash to occur. Our client became an innocent victim in this crash, which caused her to sustain injuries to shoulder and knee, as well as ongoing pain to her neck and back. Soon after the accident, she contacted our Fall River office where our staff began assisting with her case.

Attorney D. Robin Gouveia said, “A lawsuit was filed on this case and we participated in extensive discovery.  As we prepared for trial, it was agreed by all parties that we would attempt to resolve and settle the matter through mediation.  We advocated for the client’s pain and suffering and was successful in reaching a fair and reasonable settlement.  We then worked on getting the bills paid and negotiated the medical liens while putting a package together for the client”

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