September 13, 2019

Your SSD FAQs Answered: What to do if you’ve been denied, should you hire an attorney…?

Experiencing denial after applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be disheartening for applicants, but it does not necessarily mean you have no chance of receiving benefits. The overwhelming majority of first-time applicants are denied benefits, especially when they have applied without the help or representation of a knowledgeable SSD attorney. When the Administration makes…

November 23, 2015

Social Security Disability Lawyers Open Office In South Kingston, RI

The Rhode Island Social Security Disability lawyers at d’Oliveira & Associates have opened a new office that will serve the residents of South Kingstown. Social Security Disability is a government program funded by federal income tax and is designed to pay individuals who cannot work any more because they have become disabled. There is no…

June 24, 2015

Taunton Man Receives $27,000 In Past Due Social Security Disability Benefits

Cara Gallucci, a disability lawyer at d’Oliveira & Associates, got a Taunton man over $27,000 for past due benefits for his social security disability claim, and another $1,200 per month going forward. The man suffered from multiple conditions, including depression, bipolar disorder, and COPD. After he was initially denied disability benefits, he called the Taunton…

April 15, 2014

MA Disability Firm Helps Brockton Woman Receive Over $24,000 in Past-Due Social Security Benefits

A d’Oliveira & Associates disability lawyer recently helped a Brockton client (name withheld to protect confidentiality) gain approval for SSD benefits during her appeal. The appeal yielded a decision stating the woman was entitled to over $24,000 in past-due benefits, and would be entitled to over $900 per month for the rest of her life….

August 15, 2012

Social Security and Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune diseases are any of several different diseases that can cause a response from the body that turns on some of the most important functions of the body. Often times with autoimmune diseases, the body can make a mistake when it attempts to determine what is a foreign body that ought to be attacked by…