July 31, 2018

An Unexpected Twist to Post-Surgical Procedures: Post-Operative Injuries

Typically, the most well-known instances of medical malpractice occur during the procedure that one has undergone. But, has the procedure and those associated liabilities really terminated upon the medical professional stitching the last suture and sliding off their gloves? Coincidentally, events that occur after an operation, such as in post-operative care, could render a medical…

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June 8, 2018

Five Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

After being injured in a car accident, one of the most important decisions you will make is hiring a lawyer who can represent your interests and make sure you are compensated for your injuries. This is a highly personal decision and depends on a number of factors. There is certain information you will want to…

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November 10, 2014

Personal Injury Law Firm d’Oliveira & Associates Moves to Woonsocket, RI

Woonsocket, RI, November 10, 2014 — d’Oliveira & Associates, a Rhode Island and Massachusetts based personal injury law firm, today announced they will be relocating their North Smithfield, RI personal injury law firm location to Woonsocket, RI on Friday, November 7, 2014. d’Oliveira & Associates’ new Woonsocket, RI Personal Injury Law Office is located at…

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March 7, 2014

Laura Cameron celebrates 15 years with Personal Injury Law Firm of d’Oliveira & Associates

d’Oliveira & Associates has the reputation of dealing with only the most competent and renowned lawyers in the States of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. These MA and RI lawyers have several years of exposure and practice, defending and winning claims and cases. One of their lawyers, Attorney Laura Cameron has recently celebrated her 15th year…

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