September 13, 2019

Your SSD FAQs Answered: What to do if you’ve been denied, should you hire an attorney…?

Experiencing denial after applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be disheartening for applicants, but it does not necessarily mean you have no chance of receiving benefits. The overwhelming majority of first-time applicants are denied benefits, especially when they have applied without the help or representation of a knowledgeable SSD attorney. When the Administration makes…

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May 28, 2015

Taunton Man Gets Over $41,000 In Past Due Social Security Disability Benefits

Cara Gallucci, a Social Security Disability lawyer at d’Oliveira & Associates, got a Taunton man over $41,000 for his SSDI claim. The man underwent five surgeries to treat severe back pain. In addition, he suffered from knee pain and peripheral neuropathy. Instead of attempting the stressful and difficult task of representing himself, he hired the…

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May 26, 2015

Woonsocket Lawyer Gets Woman $13,000 in Social Security Disability Benefits

Attorney Cara Gallucci, a Social Security Disability lawyer at d’Oliveira & Associates, recently got a RI woman $13,000 in back due social security benefits and $1,700 per month going forward. The woman is a mother with a young child and she experiences intense lower back and nerve pain. She has had surgeries on her back,…

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February 7, 2014

Brockton Social Security Lawyers Announce Free No Obligation Case Evaluations

Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits can be a difficult process. Many people are unfamiliar with the processes and law of the Social Security Administration (SSA) making it challenging for them to secure disability benefits. Qualified applicants often do not know what kind of information the SSA needs or how to gather this information. In addition,…

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January 21, 2014

Recent SSD News from Pawtucket Social Security Disability Lawyer

Pawtucket residents receiving aid under Social Security have received mixed news regarding their benefits. According to an article by the Providence Journal, benefits will increase by 1.5 percent in 2014. This increase is good news for the 58 million Americans who currently receive aid but the bad news is that this one of the smallest…

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August 15, 2012

Learning Disorders and Social Security Disability

Distinct from, but often confused with, intellectual disabilities, learning disorders affect the ability of an individual to learn by either preventing retention of learned material, or through sensory input issues that result in difficulty reading or understanding taught material. Skills often affected by learning disabilities include reading, writing, listening, speaking, critical thinking, and mathematics. The…

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