December 19, 2019

Winter Tires Help Prevent Newport, RI Car Accidents

Last year, Newport experienced record snow falls. During the winter season, many motorists consider driving a large truck or SUV equipped with the latest all-wheel drive systems to traverse the snow. However, some people just drive regular cars. Regardless of the vehicle, the parts of the vehicle that actually touches the payment, the tires, are…

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November 19, 2018

To Do List Before Winter Driving

Winter is fast approaching. Winter means driving in less than perfect conditions, with snow, sleet and ice. Winter driving can be dangerous. Almost 70% of deaths that occur during the winter months are the result of car accidents. These accidents are caused by snow and ice. Helpful information, including these tips can improve your winter…

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December 29, 2014

Salt Shortage Worsens Roadway Conditions during Winter in Fall River

December 21 is the first official day of winter. As Fall River car accident lawyers who represent injured victims of auto accidents in the area, we know and understand very well the dangerous conditions drivers face during the winter. There is one thing we all count on to help us get to our destinations safely…

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