An ambulance on the scene of a car accident.

Recently d’Oliveira & Associates attorney, Cara Gallucci, obtained a $100,000 policy limits settlement from Hanover Insurance Company for a Taunton, MA woman, who was injured in a car accident. While traveling in Attleboro, MA, our client was struck by another vehicle that ran a stop sign. The accident caused our client to sustain serious injuries to her neck and arms. While recovering and going through procedures to heal her injuries, our client missed substantial time at work, for which she needed to be compensated.

Attorney Cara Gallucci said, “I was so thankful that we were able to help this lovely woman. I feel like we were able to not only get her the maximum amount available, but we were able to ease some of the stress she was experiencing because of this life-altering event. We worked very hard to maximize the net proceeds, by obtaining reductions from her health insurer and medical providers. I only home that she can continue to improve and have her good health restored.”

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