Accident involving a motorcycle

Numerous factors have the ability to cause a motorcycle accident, but for the most part, severe motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles. The University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research examined more than a decade of motorcycle accidents and concluded that approximately 60 percent of the time, the motorists in other vehicles are those at-fault when they hit motorcycles. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents occur regularly in Rhode Island, with many crashes ending in either serious injuries or death. Because of the limited protection of riding on a motorcycle, unlike motorists in cars, bikers and passengers can suffer significant bodily harm in a motorcycle accident.

  • motorcycle changing lanesLane Changing and Driving In-between Traffic: Also known as lane-splitting, this involves motorcyclists riding between cars in traffic lanes, to beat the building up traffic. This is dangerous because motorists don’t always know that the motorcyclists are there and will often not leave much space between them and the vehicle in the lane over. Riders can easily be knocked into oncoming traffic by a driver who merges into another lane or even swerves slightly. Just as dangerous is changing lanes quickly, for motorists could easily hit the motorcycle and lead to serious injuries to the motorcyclist.
  • The Blind Side: Large percentages of motorcycle accidents often come down to drivers simply not seeing the rider of the motorcycle. Common places where blind spot accidents happen are while changing lanes or when motorists are taking a tight right turn and the motorcyclist is trying to cut the corner as well.
  • RI motorcyclist with injured leg after accidentDangerous Maneuvers: Maneuvers at great speeds when going around a corner, in between vehicles on the roadway, or around a bend are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. This is due to motorcycle riders misjudging the angle and size of the turn. If speed and timing are not handled properly, riders will hit the brakes, which could throw them or their bike off.
  • Open Door Accident: Known as “dooring,” vehicles with open doors kill many motorcyclists every year. This type of motorcycle accident occurs when motorists in vehicles parked beside the roadway open their doors into the active roadway and hit a passing motorcyclist, leading to serious injuries.
  • Front Brake Lock: Motorcyclists who have deficient experience can easily lose control and flip their bike by locking the front brake too quickly, which can lead to serious injuries, especially if they are not wearing a helmet.
  • motorcycle rear view mirrorRear-End Accidents: Accidents can occur for motorcycles when they are not leaving adequate space between them and the vehicle in front. If this motorist was to break abruptly, the rear-end accident for a motorcycle can lead to a worse injury than if it was a car hitting another car. This type of injury can easily lead to a motorcyclist being thrown over the car and result in serious injuries.
  • High, Unnecessary Speeds: Going past the speed limit on a roadway places riders at a higher risk of losing control and not seeing obstacles. As dangerous as this for a car, it is even more dangerous for a motorcyclist who does not have the same protection.

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